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inspiration..   do i still need it just for blogging? 
ah, what good is inspiration if it’s not backed up by action.. *sigh*


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Pesta Blogger 2008

Uum.. Since I’m not a good blogger *rite Hed?* *still wondering whether or not I’m a blogger?? huh!!*  I just wanna share some pics from the big and tremendous event called ‘Pesta Blogger 2008’.   This second event of Pesta Blogger attanded by thousands (?) of participants from many regions such as Jogja, Surabaya, Bali.  Nothing more I can tell about this event.   ‘Pesta Blogger’..  it is clear that this party held especially for ‘blogger’ for ‘real blogger’.  Me??  *ehemm*

Well, I just took this event  as a chance to see my dear ‘old friends’.  I was very happy to meet you again.. thanks ndoro, pakde, mbak jeni, mas hedi, mbok, dinda, musjum, tito, tatut, ipul & omith, iqbal, gage & utet,  tika, sarah, suprie, kw… and all of you friends.. Kangen saya terobati sudah… seneng banget.. 🙂  *mbiitttt.. kamu diculik penyamun??*

Dan.. di ‘rumah’ mereka-lah tempat yang tepat untuk menikmati laporan event besar ini..

Foto-foto yang lain ada di sini.

Note: ‘photo besar dengan nilai ‘gosip’ yg sangat besar kemaren mau diapain?? kuserahkan saja sama pakde.. silakan diolah dengan bijak.. hihihi..




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