WORDS.. *an excuse*

Words.. can produce illness; words can kill…    *baca: males nulis*



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7 responses to “WORDS.. *an excuse*

  1. d

    words can promise… words can lie… *halah*

  2. raravebles

    but your words make me feel like I can fly… *halah*

  3. I am waiting for more words from you. But it seems you are too lazy to create ton of words in this blog. 😛

    *ayo dong ngeblog….*

  4. mbaaaaaaaaaaaak….i loph u

  5. mbak rara, ngopi aja yuk drpd mumet perkara kata kata

  6. raravebles

    @burung he eh, mbuh tuh..
    @maspuji exactly, males.. 🙂 iya, deh ntar lagi ngeblog..
    @balibul loph yuh tuh.. 😀
    @gita rumah kopi? jauuuuh.. 🙂 ngupi di rumah aja yuk..

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